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Influenced by the culinary style of South Asia, Omani dishes use an assortment of spices to create flavour and aroma in most of its marinades with rice, chicken, fish and mutton being the main ingredients accompanied by a healthy drink of buttermilk (or labaan as it is traditionally known) and a bowl of fresh green salad. On special occasions the whole village community gathers for a two-day preparation of Shuva, a popular festive meal which requires the roasting of a whole cow in a special oven placed in a pit dug in the ground until the meat becomes extremely tender, after which it is well seasoned, spiced and ready to be served.

There are numerous attractions and activities in the different regions, towns and cities within Oman; camping in the mountains, sand skiing in the desert, mountain-climbing, scuba diving, camel racing, turtle watching, game fishing, bull fighting, horseback riding, sailing, boating, trekking, desert safaris, witnessing annual festivals of traditional folklore and tribal dancing, theme parks, and visits to the traditional souks.

Providing its visitors an educational and inspiring experience, Oman is undoubtedly one of the most diverse and enchanting countries with a striking combination of landscapes, people, history and culture.

Desert Adventures

Added to the sheer relaxation and fine wining and dining are a host of activities to indulge in. A programme of escapades and adventures is yours to savour.

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City Break

Our city hotels are as much a destination for the holidaymaker as it is for the business traveler, guaranteeing you an experience of the true diversity and hospitality of Sur and Al wadi.

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Cultural Journey

Oman is a thoroughly forward-looking nation, one proud of its distinctive architecture, customs and traditions crafted over the centuries.

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